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The Halloween Game is the first seasonal game. Not being a real Ambush Game, only a spin-off, it was played at the same ime as Star Smugglers. It was hosted by DarthPotato77, and began on October 28, 2012.


Five friends(Darth Vader, R2-D2, Bossk, Dan the Clone, Jar Jar Binks), are trick-or-treating on Halloween. When they go to a large house, they find out Darth Sidious lives there. When Sidious orders Darth Vader to stop trick-or-treating, he throws chocolate in The Emporer's face. The friends run into the spooky forest to avoid being caught by Palpatine. They decide to spend the night at a scary tree. During the night, the voice posseses Bossk. In the morning, a creepy voice tells them one of them has been possesed, and they must vote off who they think it is. On the first day, there was barely any discussing. Everyone suspects different people. Darth Vader suspected Jar Jar. R2 suspected Bossk. Bossk suspected Dan. Jar Jar just tried to defend himself, and Dan said nothing at all. At the end of the day, Nam voted for Jar Jar. R2 temporarliy believed Bossk and voted for Jar Jar as well. Bossk struck the killing blow and Jar Jar was killed by fire. In the night, Bossk decided to kill Darth Vader. Bossk dropped a net on him and shot him.

The next morning, the voice revealed Jar Jar and Darth Vader were loyal friends. R2 once again suspected Bossk. Bossk tried to defend himself, and Dan didn't say anyhting again. After R2 voted for Bossk, Bossk used this as an excuse to vote for R2. This left Dan with the deciding vote. Dan finally spoke up and voted for R2. R2's dome was seperated from the rest of him, leaving Dan the only loyal.

The voice revealed R2 was loyal and Dan realized his fatal mistake. They both tryed to kill one another but Bossk killed Dan with a rake. The voice then showed that Dan was innocent. Bossk then took the candy and went home. The voice then transformed into The Magical Potato Ghost.


Darth Ape



The Mummy

The Were-Gungan

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