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The Legacy of Arda is a Saga of The Ambush Games hosted by Spider-Wolffe_78. It is the first series to be set in other worlds besides Star Wars. The first five games have been relesed in addition to a series, and the final one will be released before or during the summer. Each game is considered one part of the saga. Despite being released first, The Sith Temple Game is Part II of the saga because it takes place after The War on Middle-Earth.

Games in Released OrderEdit

The Sith Temple Game  -The first game was released August 7, 2012. It was a bit of a wreck to be honest. The game was meant to be a stand alone and therefore Spider did not put much thought into the story. It is notable for using blurry pictures and ended with a massive, but confusing and unneeded battle. After the second game, Spider retconned these events with a better story called "The Shadow Warriors" that was mainly the same story but with better pictures and more emotion.

The War on Middle-Earth -A prequel to the first game, this was released January 29, 2013. Because of the below-par first game, this game had low expectations but was a surprise hit. Spider took everything he thought was bad about the first game and worked to improve it. It had a much better story, and was praised for its sense of epicness ad final battle. Spider used this game to set up the rest of the saga, and many important characters were intoduced.

Servants of Destruction -This game released May 26, 2013. This perhaps, has been the most unique of any Ambush Game. The players were split up into two groups and had three days to kill as many scum as they could in their group. Both teams failed in finding any scum. The second half of the game took place as the survivors had to fight each other in an arena. the Blue team emerged victorious after all players on the red team were defeated.

A Common Enemy -The fourth game was the the one that tied them all together. It was released July 2, 2013, not long after the third game ended. It featured the survivors of those three games, and explained the main story for the saga. Sadly, the game did not go as well as expected, as five loyals people dropped. The gameplay took a massive hit, and the energy matched nowhere near where it was for the other games. It is known for it's "team switch" on Day 2.

The Blade of Darth Revan -The fifth game was released December 4, 2013. It was part one of the finale. Spider focused on giving this game a more exciting story as well as more action sequences. This game followed Spider series "The Desperate Quest" where most of it's characters originated. This game allowed players to send in their own characters, which resulted in many crossovers. This game also brought back "Roleblockers".

Epitaph -The sixth and final game was releaed July 7, 2014. It was part two of the finale. Spider introduced a few new roles this game but mainly focused on the story. This followed the same characters as the last game and ended with an extremely hard-to-make conclsuion. Spider was very proud of the final product.


Main Article: The Desperate Quest

After A Common Enemy was completed, Spider got the idea to show several stories in a series as opposed to packing a lot of info into his last two games. This was also made to create more drama in the final game. Spider then got the idea to have people send in their own characters, so he could create arcs about meeting characters and therefore have The Blade of Darth Revan be less confusing.

Installments in Chronological OrderEdit

Part I: The Wars on Middle-Earth

Part II: The Shadow Warriors

Part III: The Servants of Destruction

Part IV: A Common Enemy

Part V: The Desperate Quest

Part VI: The Blade of Darth Revan

Part VII: The Epitaph

Character StatsEdit

Name:  Portrayed By: Affilition:  End Status: 
Revan CBK, Star, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, Death Eaters, Middle-Earth Alliance, Sedition Deceased (Stabbed to death by Sebastian Shaw)
Eomer Spider Middle-Earth Allaince, Sedition Alive (Survived and lived peacefully in Middle-Earth)
Grievous Newan, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, New Sith Order, Middle-Earth Alliance, Sedition Deceased (Shot and killed by Dsak Joto)
Mandus Mayfare Ivar Sedition Alive (Survived and lived peacefully in Middle-Earth)
Cut Lawquane Spider Sedition Alive (Survived and lived peacefully in Middle-Earth)
Sebastian Shaw Spider Dark Alliance, Himself Deceased (Beheaded by Eomer)
Whitaker Atlas Kenobi Sedition Deceased (Burned alive by Lux Bonteri under orders of Sebastian Shaw)
Rarbar, son of Dwalin Star Sedition Deceased (Shot and killed by Orcs under orders of Sauron)
Sauron Spider Dark Alliance Deceased (Shot and killed by Mandus Mayfare)
Haldir Siblings, Squiggy, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, Middle-Earth Alliance Alive (Survived and lived peacefully in Middle-Earth)
Wicket Tater, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, Middle-Earth Alliance, Sedition Deceased (Shot and killed by Revan at own request)
Erik Lehnsherr Potato, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, New Sith Order, Himself Deceased (Fell to his death during battle with Revan)
Dooku Pinda, Spider Lehnsherr's Company, New Sith Order, Dark Alliance Deceased (Shot and killed by Captain Rex)
The Doctor Spider The Sedition (briefly) Alive (Left Middle-Earth to face The Master)
Elrond Spider Middle-Earth Alliance Deceased (Shot and killed by Deadpool)
Dsak "Haradian" Joto Jodo Himself, Dark Alliance Deceased (Stabbed to death by Revan)
Voldemort Namialus, Spider Death Eaters, Himself Alive (Escaped into wild of Middle-Earth)
Nur Fial Spider, Bane Sedition Alive (Survived and lived peacefully in Middle-Earth)
Eek Utun Spider Dark Alliance Alive (Survived and lived in house arrest)
Yas Otison Spider Dark Alliance Deceased (Stabbed to death by Revan)
Lux Bonteri Spider Dark Alliance Deceased (Knocked unconscious by Mandus Mayfare and died from blood loss)
Daesha Tualin Natalie Lehnsherr's Company, Middle-Earth Alliance Deceased (Stabbed to death by Radagast)
Loki Ivar, Spider Dark Alliance Deceased (Shot with Death Ray by Dalek)
Deadpool "Scruffy" Scruffy Lehnsherr's Company, Dark Alliance Deceased (Beheaded by Cut Lawquane)
Palpatine Spider New Sith Order, Middle-Earth Alliance Deceased (Stabbed to death by Loki)

Character PhotosEdit

The SeditionEdit

The Middle-Earth AllianceEdit

Erik Lehnsherr's CompanyEdit

The New Sith OrderEdit

Death EatersEdit

Sauron's ForcesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Spider's favorite games were TWOM-E, Servants, and Epitaph

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