The loyal circus

The Loyal Circus appeared in Sithkillagal99's game Stranded. It was composed of the 5 winning Scum members who knew they were going to win so they decided to mess around With the Loyals.

Members and RolesEdit

The Loyal Vampire: DarthPotato77: The Loyal Vampires role was they had to suck a persons blood every night or die.

The Loyal Janitor: Spider-Wolffe 78: As long as the Loyal Janitor was alive everyone would come up as Unknown in the game.

The Loyal Pinda: PindaZwerver: Every night the Loyal Pinda could stick a peanut up someone's nose once that person had a 2 Peanuts up their nose they would die.

The Loyal Clown: Newankalt: Every even night the Loyal Clown would Block the inspectors results.

The Loyal Puppet: Starwarrior247: The Loyal Puppet was being controlled by the dead players and the person had to act like them for the rest of the game.


Once the Circus began as Spider claimed the Loyal Janitor Role, Namialus thought Spider was a desperate Scum and decided to vote him off. After he heard Newan claim to be The Loyal Clown, he thought to vote him instead. But he soon found out that there were not enough people to vote for them both.


The Name Loyal Circus was made up by Spider-Wolffe 78.

The Idea for making up fake roles came from Newankalt.

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