The Ambush Games, being such a big game, have very BIG rules that go with them. It is best that ALL players read these rules before starting a game, especially if it's their first time. Rules can also be altered by the host of a game if they feel it is neccasary.

RULE 1: No Cheating! Cheating easily ruins the game and it could gain one team a very unfair advantage. Cheating mainly involves looking at another player's guide that's not yours. If you're playing a game, you can ONLY look at your guide. There's no exception to this rule. Violating this rule and looking at others guides could result in other hosts not wanting you in their games, thus getting you banned from some of the games.

RULE 2: Play by the rules! Do NOT defy the host at all. You may reason with them if you have a problem, but insults and complaining to them will just break this rule. It's also good to play the game by their rules, which vary from host to host.

RULE 3: Dead players are dead! They may NOT pass information to other players after they're dead. If you're dead, you may still comment on Ambush but it cannot be specific about the game. Posts such as "Good game everyone! It's fun to watch" are okay to post, but NO dead players may post about the gameplay.

Scum can NOT help their fellow Scummembers in the Scumbase once they are dead.

RULE 4: Non-players may NOT post about gameplay and specifics about the game! If you're not playing a game and just watching, you may post all you want about it, but you may NOT post on the main guide about gameplay specifics and everyone's roles. This rule is similar to Rule 3.

RULE 5: When you are speaking "Out of Character" please use "OOC" infront of your sentence. Example: "OOC: I need to do something now" OOC Comments have nothing to do with the game and RolePlay itself. When you're going back "In Character" please use "IC" Example "IC: Who is the last scum?" It's best to use IC only once and use OOC constantly when you are out of character.

RULE 6: Never use OOC to make up stuff to try to prove you're not scum. Example: "OOC: I'm not scum! See, it's OOC. So it has to be true." Doing this is unfair and should never be used. And do not lie in OOC. 

RULE 7: No intense swearing, specifically in OOC. This also includes personal attacks that would offend a player. These are just games, and you shouldn't overreact to anything that's just in a game. If you do this, it can go way too far. 

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