The doctor's secret episode Guide Edit

2013-06-03 10.28.312

Episode number: 02

Key Characters: Pindus Zwervus , Nuvo Vindi, Nevus Kores

Key locations: MandaloreSerenno

Previous Episode: 01 - Rise of the Empire

Next Episode: 03 - Brothers

Air date: 6th of August 2013


  • This episode introduced Nevus Korus, one of the playable characters of Haters 4.
  • This episode featured moments from Haters of the Jedi 1 and 2.
  • The plots for this episode and the next one are similar to the plot planned for Haters of the Jedi V: Time Traveling. This game was cancelled and used as an episode because the plot didn't allow different outcomes and would fit better between Haters 3 and 4.
  • This episode finally explains how Nuvo Vindi, Cad Bane, Pre Vizsla and Slick were able to return in Haters 2 after they died in the first game.

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