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Galaxy Patrol
In some games such as The Gaurdians of the Rebublic and The Enemy Within, there has been a third side. The player is neither a loyal/hater or scum/spy. In The Gaurdians of the Republic, the third side was a Death Watch soldier. In The Enemy Within, the third side was a rogue bounty hunter named Xylo, pretending to be a Rebel by the name of Bolter Poly. Xylo/Bolter (Portrayed by Gamma Sierra) was tasked with killing any player that was playing on/in Day/Chapter 3. Gamma did not know any of the player's affiliation so he could kill either a loyal Rebel or an Imperial Spy. Gamma/Bolter/Xylo chose to kill Maie Ziva. After he finished the task, he won the game in his own way.

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