Rise of The Redemption Poster

Rise of The Redemption Poster. The latest installment.

Here you can find the timeline of all things that are Ivar-Canon.

The timeline uses "Rise of The Saboteurs" as the main event in the Rise Universe.

Everything before Saboteurs is "BRTS" (Before Rise of the Saboteurs) and everything playing after it is "ARTS" (After Rise of the Saboteurs)


Rise of The Saboteurs  0 BRTS

Rise of The Redemption 1 - 2 ARTS

Rise of The Infiltrators 3 ARTS

Rise of The Jedi Knight 23 ARTS 

Uncertain GamesEdit

After the conclusion of Rise of The Infiltrator, Ivar anounced that he would retire from Hosting Ambush Games after completing his grand-scale Epic "Rise of The Jedi Knight" Therefore, 2 planned games might be cancellend. 

It is uncertain if Ivar will ever return to hosting. 

Heroes of The Rebellion (Postponed or Cancelled)

The Empire Game (Postponed or Cancelled)

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