This page is to represent the timeline of the Dimension Chase games.

Timeline (Dimension Chase)Edit

23,000 BDC: (years before dimension chase) the new Dimension Master is brought to power.

10,000 BDC: Wylom appears and claims himself to be the Darkest Soul. 

9,999 BDC: Wylom is defeated by the Dimension Master.

12 BDC: Stromtaan begins to cause havoc in the space between universes.

10 BDC: The dimension master battles Stromtaan which leads to a draw.

5 BDC: The dimension master realises he needs a team to defeat Stromtaan.

0 BDC: The dimension master chooses all the members in the team and transports them to the space between universes.

Timeline (Maverick Marshalls)Edit

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