All dates in this timeline will be displayed as the official star wars dates and the dates they have in game. Because in Pinda-Canon the battle of Yavin never happened the inhabitants of the galaxy used BBM (Before the battle of Mustafar) and ABM (after the battle of Mustafar) because according to the jedi it was one of the most important event for the Republic, at least for now... future events my change this...

Important datesEdit

Event Date
Pindus Zwervus born 35 BBM (54 BBY)
Kaas Zwervus born 33 BBM (52 BBY)
Domme Zwervus kills Zygerian king 32 BBM (51 BBY)
Pindus enslaved by Jabba. Kaas enslaved by Henk D'nar 32 BBM (51 BBY)
Pindus is freed from salvery by Salacious Crumb 25 BBM (44 BBY)
Pindus bought the Bezem and left Tatooine 18 BBM (37 BBY)
Pindus became a senator 15 BBM (34 BBY)
Henk D'nar died. Darts is Kaas' new master 14 BBM (33 BBY)
Pindus is kicked out the senate 12 BBM (31 BBY)
League of Janitors join the Separatists 11 BBM (30 BBY)
League of janitors spread across the galaxy by seppies 8 BBM (27 BBY)
Pindus gets a job at the unfinished listening post 7 BBM (26 BBY)
Cad Bane destroyed two of the Jedi temples* 6 BBM (25 BBY)
Kaas gets job at Zygerian slave faicilty 4 BBM (23 BBY)
Anakin and Ahsoka destory the listening post 3 BBM (22 BBY)
Haters of the Jedi I (Pindus defeated by Boba) 2 BBM (21 BBY)
PZ-15 opens succesfull hat shop 1 BBM (20 BBY)
Zygerian slave facility is destroyed by Jedi 1 BBM (20 BBY)
Return of Pindus 1 BBM (19 BBY)
Battle of Mustafar. Pindus betrayed by Kaas and Tauntaun 0 BBM (19 BBY)
Jedi seize controll of the senate 1 ABM (18 BBY)
Order of Cleaning found by Kaas Zwervus 2 ABM (17 BBY)
Haters of the Jedi III 10 ABM (8 BBY)
Haters of the Jedi IV 19 ABM (0 BBY)
Secrets of the Force 25 ABM (6 ABY)
Unknown Pinda-canon game 59 ABM (40 ABY)
  • Bane refered to this event during Hunting the Hunters while discussing how awesome he was. But no one believed him. But it truly happened in Pinda-canon.

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