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To Fight Monsters is an upcoming Series by Rise-Director Ivar-Jedi set to release after he finishes production on Rise of The Redemption. As of April the series has entered Early-Production after the completion of full script. Ivar revealed that it will be 50 Chapters long that can be seperated into 11 arcs. However it is all meant to be one large story.

It will use many large and detailed lego settings and will be more mature then the Rise series in terms of language, themes and (although in Lego) gore.

Story Edit

"In a world seperated into 4 kingdoms a mysterious Serpent appears and a worldwide Monster invasion happens. Elvon Slachter, Griell Telint, Amelia Blackhardt and Avri Embrak lose everything during this invasion and join the army to prevent any more Monster advances. Meanwhile Avri is set on studying the Monsters and discovering their horrifying origins"

Characters Edit

Sythillion Kingdom Edit

  1. Elvon Slachter
  2. Amelia Blackhardt
  3. Griell Telint
  4. Roud Musher
  5. Mark Grause
  6. Nandir Frost

Embrak Kingdom Edit

  1. Avri Embrak
  2. King Tarin Embrak
  3. Gettel Embrak
  4. Stawrior Embrak
  5. Gala Embrak
  6. Cediel Dramata

Teraginn Kingdom Edit

  1. King Ghaliop Teraginn

Production Edit

Ivar came up with the idea for this series after trying out a story that mixes elements from Game of Thrones and Attack On Titan and believed he has a pretty great story on his hands that is worth telling despite the length.

He is very happy for the support people are giving him for this Series as he wasn't sure if people would've liked it.

Chapter List Edit

1. The Monster Invasion Edit

  1. A Monsterous Present - The Monster Invasion Part I
  2. The Fallen Lands - The Monster Invasion Part II
  3. The New Generation of Soldiers - The Monster Invasion Part III


2. The 97th Squad Edit

4. Training The 97th Squad - The 97th Squad Part I

5. Your New Family - The 97th Squad Part II


3. Return To The Fallen Lands Edit

[6 Chapters]



To Fight Monsters Original Soundtrack IEdit

(Covers Chapters 1-12) 

Track Name: Duration:
1. Monster-invasion 4:32
2. All I've Lost So Far 3:02
3. FA-llen HOUSE 2:45
4. chain web 4:58
5. E.A.G 6:02
6. What We Were Trained For 2:54
7. 2Body;MonsterThere^ 6:17
8. {97}-people 5:44
9. Mors Praematura 6:35
10. Die Spiel ist over 3:27
11. Flood(0)**GateS 2:49
12. I Am All Alone Now 3:11
13. [hidden] >> Embrak 1:54
14. X3Bro1vriend 5:32
15. Claws and Jaws 3:33
16. Red%90HQironIIIBars 7:02
17. Shoot>>O(__)cheer 5:11

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