Trailer 2.0 is the famous trailer for The Rising Menace. It is a 3:00 trailer featuring the various aspects of the game and Menace War.


  • The opening of the trailer is Kenobi and Saesee Tiin discussing.
  • It then shifts to the planet Isis.
  • The Royal Family's queen Lillah is shown to be killed. A funeral takes place, with Wilker being the new lord of Isis.
  • Maul is shown to be with Savage attacking Talabar in a new way. (Not shown in Prologue)
  • More info to be shown.
  • Wave 1 is featured in the trailer, as Saffron is guiding men towards Separatists.
  • Duels are shown.
  • This trailer will take a long time since it is "Stop-Motion".

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