Turk Falso was a weequay pirate who was part of the Ohnaka Gang,
Char 11483

Turk Falso

lead by Hondo Ohnaka. Turk has only appeared in one Ambush Game so far, Hunting the Hunters. He was potrayed by Spider in this game

Hunting the HuntersEdit

Turk signed on to a very important mission that would pay lots of credits. The mission would be lead by Spudlo Tateroff and would be accompanied by 11 bounty hunters. But Spudlo discovered that there were traitors in the group, so he made the hunters vote one of each other off each day until all of the traitors were found. The mission could not be completed until all of the scum was dead. But the hunter weren't able to make a conclusion on the first day, so they all went to bed. While Turk was wondering the halls in the middle of the night, a dark figure came up to him and shot him in the heart, killing him. A loyal bounty hunter was now down.

After DeathEdit

The bounty hunters were able to catch all of the scum in the end, avenging Turk and Cad Bane, both of whom had been murdered by the scum.
Turk Falso

Que EloEdit

Que Elo was the cousin of Turk Falso. They were never aquainted with one another for a job but Que had plans with his cousin after the Isis Occupation.

Count My Pixels :) -Que Elo

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