Tuuk Din was a playable character of the Hunting the Hunters. This Character was First played by JediPanda and then Echaniwarrior.

Hunting the HuntersEdit

Tuuk Din was hired by Spudlo Tateroff on a mission to assassinate an enemy of the Neimoidian Check Moid. But there was a group of scum within the group of hunters Spudlo hired, Tuuk being one of them. He and his traitorours friends were able to murder some of the loyal hunters, but the loyals soon began eliminating the scum by voting them off. After they were voted off, they would be executed by Spudlo. Soon, Tuuk Din was the last surviving member of the scum. He made it to the seventh day until he was voted off. He was then shot in the face by Spudlo, which killed him.


  • Tuuk Din was a Rodian
  • Tuuk Din was the Scum Leader (Role)
  • Tuuk Din was played by two people, making him the only character in the Ambush Games to be played by two people in one game.

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