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    March 10, 2013 by DarthPotato77

    I had an interesting idea for my future games (well, actually, several ideas) but I'm not sure if they'll work well for the final product. So I've decided to test them with an experimental mini game. It'll be played sort of the same way the games now are played except it will have some twists. It'll probably need 8 players, too.

    Like I said, it's only a mini game and not a real one so I'd host it on another guide (sort of like the Seasonal Games). If you have any interest then please tell me. :) Thanks!

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  • DarthPotato77


    March 9, 2013 by DarthPotato77

    So I was thinking that we need a way to keep these games organized. We especially need to do this now that there's so many coming up, specifically in Phase 4. So, in order for us to get through the games at a good pace and so everyone gets the chance to host for the first time or host again, I think we should make a scheduel for each game.

    The scheduel will depend on the amount of players. If there's, say, 15-17, then that person could have like 3 weeks. If there's around 10-14, then two weeks would be better. Also, games with 16-17 players *can* be finished in less than 2 weeks, this was proven with TWOM-E and The Tale of Omega. It's just that I remember a time when games would go by in a week. I know the first few games had less players, …

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  • DarthPotato77

    Wiki Problems

    February 12, 2013 by DarthPotato77

    So I've been experiencing some minor problems on the wiki lately. The Latest Activity area says an edit that was made several hours ago was only made 8 minutes ago, and it won't update itself every time there's a new edit (this can be fixed by just looking at Recent Activity, but I thought I'd point that out). Also, the Slideshow showing all of the different games never loads for me and just shows a blank screen. 

    I know these are minor but I just thought I'd point them out so we can try to make improvements. :)

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  • DarthPotato77


    February 3, 2013 by DarthPotato77

    Ok, I've had enough of all of these trolls trying to ruin the games. They can't ruin the games, though, if they don't know our roles. So for my next game I won't be using guides to give you all your roles, I'll be using these things called writeboards (I've talked about them before). Of course, trolls will still be able to find our role but this will at least make it somewhat harder. Everyone will have their own writeboard (which will act as a guide) and you'll all have your own passwords to get in. And I'll post the link to the writeboards and the passwords on the wiki. That way, no one has to join the wiki, they just have to look at a certain page to get their role (and you don't need an account to comment on a writeboard either, you can…

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  • DarthPotato77

    Alright, it's now evident that is extremely unreliable and we need to create a back-up site to play these games on. This is very disappointing though, we just got the comments back a couple weeks ago. :(

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