So I was thinking that we need a way to keep these games organized. We especially need to do this now that there's so many coming up, specifically in Phase 4. So, in order for us to get through the games at a good pace and so everyone gets the chance to host for the first time or host again, I think we should make a scheduel for each game.

The scheduel will depend on the amount of players. If there's, say, 15-17, then that person could have like 3 weeks. If there's around 10-14, then two weeks would be better. Also, games with 16-17 players *can* be finished in less than 2 weeks, this was proven with TWOM-E and The Tale of Omega. It's just that I remember a time when games would go by in a week. I know the first few games had less players, but the games now shouldn't take over 3 weeks for sure. 3 is even pushing it a little. So that's why I think we need a Scheduel to keep things organized and so we get through all of these games in a timely matter. Hosts don't have to go on for as long as their scheduel is, they can end earlier. Oh, and newer hosts will probably get an extra couple days because it's their first times. But even if it is your first time hosting, it shouldn't let you off the hook so easily and give you several extra weeks. Hosting's a big commitment with a lot of people depending on you. 

I haven't decided what happens when someone hasn't finished their game in time with their scheduel yet. We won't stop the game though, we'll do something else. So what do you all think? Do you have any ideas to expand this further? And thanks for listening to me ramble on. :P

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