Ok, I've had enough of all of these trolls trying to ruin the games. They can't ruin the games, though, if they don't know our roles. So for my next game I won't be using guides to give you all your roles, I'll be using these things called writeboards (I've talked about them before). Of course, trolls will still be able to find our role but this will at least make it somewhat harder. Everyone will have their own writeboard (which will act as a guide) and you'll all have your own passwords to get in. And I'll post the link to the writeboards and the passwords on the wiki. That way, no one has to join the wiki, they just have to look at a certain page to get their role (and you don't need an account to comment on a writeboard either, you can just comment whenever). 

So if you're all okay with it or not please tell me. It's not perfect but it's more secure then guides. Also, if everyone is okay with using writeboards as guides, I'd want everyone to confirm on this writeboard before hte game starts: The password's "confirm" (with no quotes). Thank you!

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