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  • I am Pretty cool if I do say so myself
  • Master Kenobi-Wan


    January 27, 2013 by Master Kenobi-Wan

    How do you edit the links in tabs like external or photo stream?

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  • Master Kenobi-Wan

    Be Sure to Vote!

    January 6, 2013 by Master Kenobi-Wan

    TCW was nominated for best animated series by BuzzFocus. Be sure to vote for it here: (no account needed) It's up against shows like Legend of Korra, TMNT, Young Justice and some others... Vote now!!

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  • Master Kenobi-Wan

    Everyone's making them so what the heck, right? :P

    Bunker 17 (K-Canon)

    Warped (K-Canon)

    Last of the Brotherhood (K-Canon)

    Doors (spin-off/mini game)

    Find It (mini game)

    There could possibly also be more games part of Kenobi-Canon that are sequels or prequels (most likely prequels) to The Enemy Within

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  • Master Kenobi-Wan

    Last Minute Change

    November 21, 2012 by Master Kenobi-Wan

    Okay not exactly "last minute" but I've decided that Warped being the second game in the Warped trilogy would be very confusing so I think I'll host Bunker 17 first... Sorry for being an indecisive weirdo. :8}

    Also, I might make TEW part of a different canon like GL had one for Indiana Jones and one for SW...(if that's okay. I know these two things are pretty big changes...) I can't really make the Warped games prequels to TEW

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  • Master Kenobi-Wan

    Is this an okay logo, Mav?

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