Hello all fellow Star Wars fans. So just as a reminder, I'll be doing these blogs monthly since it can take a while for more news on one film to come. So anyway I've got plenty of good stuff to say. I'll start by saying that the script for Episode VII should be finished by now, so the movie is another step closer to reality. Also, new revelations have been revealed about casting and story. According to sources, Abrams wants to put the movie's focus more on the Original Trilogy cast than their children. My guess is that they don't want to simply throw all new characters right into the main spotlight and leave more familiar faces as the main protagonists as a way to build up knowing these new characters at its own pace. Another report says that one of the new characters could be Obi-Wan's daughter, or granddaughter. I'm not so sure about that, since there's not much time in his life that he could have had a child. Plus, he's pretty darn by the book when it comes to making attachments. In the news of casting, Michael Fassbender is now being connected with the film in what I think to be a villainous role. Hugo Weaving has also been said be within the chances of a role as some sort of Imperial officer. For a guy like him I'd say that sort role would fit the bill for him nicely. And finally Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons might get a role as well. I may not watch the show, but its actors are getting a whole heck of a lot of opportunities with film. So that's all I've got to tell for now, I've spilt my beans and I'll spill them again in February. Till then fingers crossed this is going to be good.

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