Well hello again Ambush Gamers!  First of all I must say I am sorry for not doing another one of these blogs.  My life's been entering a busy phase, but now I've got things more streamlined, so I'll be able to write more of these posts within every one or two weeks.  So let's start off with the latest Episode 7 news.  Right now, Harrison Ford has admitted he hasn't decided on being in the film yet, but you can bet a very large bit of green will be tempting him.  However, it could just be that he's already in the film, but hasn't been given the go ahead on whether he's allowed to say.  I really can't tell, but I prefer to think the latter.  One big piece of news is a very possible subtle hint said by JJ Abrams himself on where the film may take us.  The director was quoted in saying about Episode 4

"The Beauty of that movie was that it was an unfamiliar world, and yet you wanted to see it expand and see where it went."

Now this may not mean anything, but it may mean certain elements of the first film will be brought back.  Also, the crew working on the film keep increasing.  Sound designer Ben Burtt will be returning to the franchise once more, who provided us with some inspirational sound making techniques used in the original trilogy.  Supervising sound editor Matthew Wood has also been hired again, though unfortunately the same can't be said on being hired to play Grievous again.  One name that stands out the most though is re-recording mixer Gary Rydstrom, director of the Pixar short Lifted and director of the now shelved Pixar film Newt.  However, there is one name that may not be in the credits anymore.  Screewriter Maicheal Arndt's script is being re-written by Lawrence Kasdan (writer of Episode 5 and 6) and Abrams himself.  To make things more eyebrow raising, Disney's Bob Iger has been reported to be determined on releasing Episode 7 for summer 2015, even though Kathleen Kennedy and most of the creative team have been reported to have requested they push the date back to 2016 for more time and effort.  Why is Disney so adamant about a release date then?  Well, that'll probably be because of pressure from shareholders to have revenue from the film and merchandizing by the end of 2015.  So once again, money is obviously put in front of creative effort.  I must admit, I would like to see a Star Wars film sooner than later, but I can't help feel this could damage the overall quality of the film.  And that's about it for the report, hope you've been enlightened and I will post once more within two weeks or so, till then I'll talk to you guys on the forums.

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