Hi guys, I've decided to do a weekly blog of what's news there is on the new Star Wars films, just so you're all informed.  So first of all as you all know, JJ Abrams is directing and we also know Harrison Ford my probably returning.  If that's true, then it's a fair bet the rest of the Original Trilogy cast will be back as well.  In other news, Ian Mcdiarmid has spoken of his interest in returning to the Star Wars franchise.  Though he's said it's unlikely he'll return, he did say "Anything can happen in Star Wars."  Could that be a hint, or simply a statement?  Also Ewan Mcgregor has spoken of his interest in doing an Obi-Wan spin-off film, since Disney is going make Star Wars films in a simliar way to the Marvel films.  So that's it for now, besure to tune in next week, when I report back with anymore episode 7 news.  Till then this is Maverick-Metal signing off.

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