OK guys welcome to update two of Star Wars seven.  So far, Simon Pegg has denied rumours that he's playing in the film, saying it was "A load of Bantha poodoo."  Mark Hamill has also revealed  he and the rest of the Original Trilogy cast are in talks for the film.  Hamill also said the film will feature their children and Luke would take on a role simaliar to Obi-Wan's in the Original Trilogy.  Also James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader has also voiced his interest in returning.  When asked why they were making more films he simply replied "It's about money isn't it?"  And it seems more and more people from the Star Trek films are getting involved.  William Shatner has been said to have asked JJ Abrams if he could have a role in it and Zoe Saldana has also spoken of interest.  And finally Alfonso Cuaron has been romoured to be directing a spin-off film.  Well that's all for now, but be sure to catch the next update right here.  This is Maverick signing off.

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