Hi again guys and welcome to a Star Wars News Update Special.  The special pretty much revolves about the recent announcement from Lucas Film, that revealed the future of Star Wars the Clone Wars.  Yes after 5 seasons and more than 100 episodes, the show will end with season 6.  It doesn't really come as a surprise to me though.  I always thought they'd end it at 6.  At the moment all we know about this season are these facts.  Wolf Pack are returning on desert armor, the Clovis trilogy will be featured and as we've seen in the preview, Tup is losing it.  It essentially showed us a taste of the infamous Oder 66, with Tup killing an unown Jedi right in the middle of a huge battle.  We also saw Anakin, the dead Jedi's sister, Fives and a cyborg Trench.  As Dave Filoni said, the stories with loose ends will meet their conclusions, so I expact to see what happens to Mandalore, where Ahsoka is, what happens to Talzin and of course what Maul's fate will be.  Though it's a shame that this incredible show has ended, there's always a new door that opens when another closes.  During the announcement about the Clone Wars, we read that there will be a new animated series that will replace it.  No no Detours, since that's been delayed, it will revolve around a timeline the show and films have not looked into.  Could it be based between episodes 6 and 7?  Or perhaps the new show will be a conclusion series to Clone Wars and be based after the war.  So for all we know, this could well be not the end, but the beginning of something really good.  Feel free to comment and voice your thoughts.

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