A full intro video will appear later but here's the first scene. And it's not just a scene but it's a fully voiced scene!! 


  • Secret Weapon - Unedited. I tried to talk in a calm way like Sidious or Maul but I also tried to pronounce some words like Hondo... but that didn't work so well.
  • Pindus - Edited. Because he got a cyborg suit like Vader's he got a similar voice. This is not how he talked in the previous games.
  • PZ-15 - Unedited. I tried a robotic voice
  • Captain Brood - Partly edited. It was pretty hard to talk afraid and I think his Dutch accent is the most obvious.
  • Mandalorian 1 - Unedited. Needed several attempts for his short sentence.
  • Mandalorian 2 - Unedited. 

I voiced all of them myself.

The end may seem strange but if you look at the background carefully you might see PZ getting hit by one of the battl e droid and they keeping fighting during the scene in the cockpit. So that's why he gets angry at the Secret Weapon at the end, because he wanted to bring the droids to annoy PZ because they like to bully each other.

Haters of the Jedi III Rise of the Empire - Intro - Part 102:03

Haters of the Jedi III Rise of the Empire - Intro - Part 1


Please ignore the Dutch accent :)

Do you like voiced story videos better than unvoiced videos?

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