Guys, I have an idea for a game. I'm not sure if or when I will I'll ever have a chance to do a second game but if I do, It will be a prequel to The Sith Temple Game. It would explore the origins of Darth Gandalf and show how exactly he bcame evil. I have been writing a backstory for him which I was going to post on the wiki, but well, I thought I'd let you guys determine exactly how he turned from a Supervillain, to a Wizard, and finally into a Sith Lord. I have a few ideas but I wanna see what you guys think first. The Game would most likely take place in Middle Earth and feature the Fellowship of the Ring but would also incorperate Star Wars characters that did not appear in the Sith Temple Game. I have a good idea for an ending but I won't spoil it. Post what you think. :-)

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