Voolvif Monn was a jedi master that participated in the Clone Wars.

Voolvif Monn during the Clone Wars

So far, he has only appeared in The Tale of Omega for the Ambush Games.

The Tale of OmegaEdit

Voolvif Monn will appear as a playable character in The Tale of Omega. He is reserved for Namialus.

Rise of The Redemption Edit

Voovlif Monn also plays a small supporting role as a Jedi Council Member in Ivar-Jedi's "Rise of The Redemption" series. 

So far he appeared in the first episode "Rescue Mission"


Voolvif could have been a playable character in The Jedi Temple Game, but Potato decided to use official lego jedi for that game instead of using his custom Voolvif Monn, which hadn't been made yet.

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