141043 Super Sonic Star Wars prep

When Universes Collide will be SWU's first mini-game hosted crossed over with the SW and Sonic universe. 


When Dr. Eggman opens a portal that sends him from his universe to the SW universe, he decides to try and take over the whole galaxy. However, a rebellion starts to stop him. They've named themselves the Freedom Fighters. 


Silver the Hedgehog (Host) played by: SWU

Jace Malcom played by: Scruffy

Sonic the Hedgehog played by: Maverick

Commander Jet played by: Malgus

Darman played by: Bane

Darth Malgus played by: Newan

Bokkun played by: Natalie

Fives played by: Squiggy


Freedom Fighter Guardian: Protects the person of their choice from assassination.

Freedom Fighter Sacrificer: This brave Freedom Fighter will gladly give their life if it means destroying the enemy and protecting the rest of the Freedom Fighters and the galaxy from Dr. Eggman.

Freedom Fighter: A fellow Freedom Fighter who is fighting against Dr. Eggman and his army.

Egg Bot Commander: Guides the rest of the Egg Bots.

Egg Bot Assassin: Kills the Freedom Fighters.

Egg Bot: A fellow robot sent by Dr. Eggman to aid in the destruction of the Freedom Fighters. 

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