Xen Far is an Ex-Death Watch soldier that first appeared in the second

Xen Far as he appears in Hunting the Hunters

Ambush game, Hunting the Hunters. He was potrayed by Master Kenobi-Wan.

Hunting the HuntersEdit

Xen Far was hired by Spudlo Tateroff to complete a very important mission, but there was a group of scum in the eleven hunters Spudlo hired. After 7 days of searching, Xen and the five other surviving hunters were able to hunt down the scum and complete the mission. They were payed thousands of credits each.

The Tale of OmegaEdit

Xen will return in Potato's next game called The Tale of Omega. He is reserved by Kenobi-Wan. He has received an armor upgrade and runs into some trouble when he must confront Death Watch, the very group he abandoned because he disagreed with their ways.


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