Zarbon was a planet in the outer rim that was able to sustain life.
Eaw Yavin4

The planet Zarbon

Before the Clone Wars, Zarbon remained a place of peace and calmness. The planet itself had grassy terrain and was filled with plains and forests. Local farms could also occasionally be found. So far Zarbon has only appeared in Guardians of the Republic.


Tato Vedge

Maria Vedge



Em fwf wa rainforest

Zarbon's most dense forests

Significent EventsEdit

During the Clone Wars, Zarbon saw several different battles between the clones and the Separatists. Sometimes wildlife would be disturbed or destroyed during these battles. Perhaps one of the most significent events that occured on Zarbon was when the Separatists hid some of the Republic's critical battle plans on there. The Republic then sent a clone squad to retrieve the plans, which they did. But the clone's escape ships were destroyed and they then had to find a new way off the planet before the droids found the battle plans. If the droids found these plans it could tip the scale of the war toward the Separatists. The fate of the Republic hung in the balance of this battle on Zarbon.

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